REVIEW 002: BLACKOUT by Marc Elsberg

July 9, 2017

320 pages


Overall Rating: 4 stars



I would say that this book is very insightful into the world’s heavy reliance on technology. While reading this book, I prayed and hoped that this would NEVER occur in reality because I believe the book did not do justice to what would happen (i.e. it would be a lot worse)



Mark articulated his points well and made detailed explanation where need be. It was as if I was watching a movie in my imagination. Also, the thought that a random former hacker (Manzano) who knew a thing or two about networks and computer gibberish would help in decoding the mystery behind the unending blackout was very well played



Mark (the author) did a pretty good job in making the book as realistic as possible in terms of recording conversations with the authorities, presidents, and other higher powers. He also drilled down into the domino effect of the blackout on the people in the various countries affected.


There wasn’t any plot twist though, I don’t think it would have fitted the scope of the book very much and I think the book was meant to be more of an insight-ful read



I really did not have any favorite character but I was intrigued by the journalist Shannon and her wits. However, I felt the end was a bit rushed. It just felt OK. I mean when I imagined it in my head I wasn’t impressed at all. But again I really did like the book.

Moreover, there was quite a lot of information (in terms of countries and cities) in my opinion. At the beginning it was hard to keep up but then it got easier and then I didn’t really care again.

What do you think?


I have no spoilers for this book. Go and read it!


In conclusion, Blackout gets

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November 13, 2018

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