REVIEW 025: THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas

October 11, 2018


“I freaked out. Your daddy couldn’t calm be down. He was barely calm himself. After the longest minute of my life, you cried. I think I cried harder than you though. I knew I did something wrong. But one of the nurses took my hand” – Momma grabs my hand again – “looked me in the eye and said, ‘Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right.’”



This book came at the right time. Right time meaning that it speaks to the unnecessary killings happening in the United States on black killings which is why I totally recommend this book. Starr did not win the battle at the end of the book (would have been super convenient if she did) but the book leaves us with several lessons to be learnt.

I am not sure whether to tag this book as a YA novel because it is more motivational than YA or fiction which is why the quote above is my favorite. Life happens irrespective – Khahil was killed without any explanation – and Starr tried everything in her power to make sure that the people saw that Officer One-Fifteen was wrong even if she did not win she sure stood up for what was right and she would go down in history for that

This book makes you realise that the killings that happened due to racial discrimination are wrong. The characters used in this book and their various behaviors actually depict the truth. Racial discrimination needs to stop as we are one people, and this to me was a driving force of The Hate U Give



The writing was a black writing. I mean I could feel the black from the writing. Angie made the book come to life as I imagined myself being in Garden Heights with all the King Lords chatting away with their accent. In fact, my mind has done its own version of virtual reality while I was reading this book. Angies writing was life.



The plot of this book was simple. Black Life Matters. White Life Matters. All Life Matters. Don’t judge people because of the color of their skin. They are people irrespective. SIMPLE!



Overtime, I have noticed that it is easy to select a favorite character based on the main character in the book so I genuinely try to select my favorite character after a serious critic. Here I loved Khahil. Even if he was killed, I loved the story behind the life he lived. It was sad that he just had to be killed for the point of the book to driven.


In general, THUG gets 





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November 13, 2018

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