Ocean of Confusion - Writing Prompt #6 by Seyi Adeyemo

August 22, 2018

Dunni!! "No new stories?" " why do you use the same old pattern in your reports?" "Do you no longer want to work here?"
Was all i heard from my editor last week. I honestly wished the ground could open up and swallow me but well, that never happens. Why can't i just get paid for trying out new food or testing mattresses and beds at a furniture store?
I had bitterly complained about having to report health news since i was transferred to the health section. I had sincerely hoped for something more interesting than diabetes and cancer, diseases that i could never wrap my head around. In fact, i had spent more time praying against the diseases than actually making reports.Too bad i voiced these out to my direct supervisor! Had i been mute, i wouldn't be on my way to this sure-to-be-boring hockey game on a hot friday afternoon.
Today, my editor angrily asked me to do a report on the hockey game going on at the Government College Ibadan sports arena. I mean... who plays hockey in Nigeria? Really? Shrugs...
Hockey has always been an "Americana" sport to me, but well it's 2010 so I guess Nigeria is now ready to get on the hockey bus. It's high time it happened anyway.

By now, my feet are terribly aching from the long walk between the college gate and the sports arena. So much for wearing kitten heels! I would have never thought it would be sports today. Hockey... to make matters worse. I made my way and took a seat somewhere in front. I mean, Since Oga threatened to terminate my appointment if i don't get a good story, i might as well sit where i can get all the action. The game starts in 20 minutes. There are no refreshments here but i can sure do with a bottle of Cocacola. I begin looking around for a hawker. There are mainly students in the small stadium and i happened to spot a naughty one winking at me. Apparently, children have become more confident in 2010. I immediately give him a sharp stern unsaid warning before turning my face forward again. 10 minutes after, Still no sight of a bottlenof coke to buy.

The boys have started trooping out, it's finally time for the game! "God please make this quick and painless" is the one prayer playing around in my mind. At the referee's whistle i see them running around with their sticks, i'm totally trying to catch up and put a story together...

I wake up at the sound of an irritated voice "Aunty, put your head well now!" I immediately jump from my seat, Ah!!! The game is almost over! I look at the score board, 5:3! Wait... who has 5 points and who has 3? I cant believe i slept at this game even with the noise from supporters. I immediately know that my career at Premium times is over.
What will i do? Where will i go? My thoughts are interrupted by Sudden screams. I turn around to see a tall, slim young man running up the gallery with a black duffle bag. MY black duffle bag!! I immediately start shouting "thief! thief!!" And point towards him. My laptop is in there, and so are some clothes i travelled with and my wallet. The crowd has supportively joined me in screaming and we now have the attention of one of the security guards at the entrance. 

Wait... this could be it! The story i need to wow Oga! If i report this one, he would forgive me for not having a story about the hockey game. I immediately begin to think of how the headline would look like, i like it! I finally join the chase for the duffle bag thief and see from miles away that the security guard has managed to catch him. I'm catching up with them, now with one and half kitten-heeled shoes (because God knows where the second heel fell off), and first give him one dirty slap! How dare he? Everyone around starts looking at me, shocked!

I immediately drag my duffle bag and open it to find basket ball jerseys and shorts. He is apparently the GCI basketball coach and was running out because he got so engrossed in the game that he forgot he had fixed a training for 4pm. He only waited to see the last goal and at the shout of the crowd, bolted off to the basket ball court. It was during his explanation that I realized, i had no black duffle bag at the game. It was at the Hotel.




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November 13, 2018

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