Easy Prey - Writing Prompt #6

August 20, 2018


The game of hockey wasn’t really my thing or rather our thing in this part of the earth as it was related to people from the Western section. Not withstanding, my alma matter known as The Academy of the Great decided to imitate this Western culture and commence their very own hockey game with a twist. A twist here meaning that it would be a game with both sexes as we are currently in the feminist era on equality amongst sexes in every area.


My name is Tura short for Motunrayo and I am a publisher or that is what I chose to become due to the increase in unemployment rate in my country. After countless number of rejections from several companies and organisations, I decided to do my own thing. More like own my life kind of lifestyle and so far I seem to be doing quite well. I made this “ownership” decision in the year 2010 and two years down the line I live in a penthouse in the high brow area of my city with a 2012 BMW black on black salon car. Not bad for a start right, I think to myself with a smirk on my subconscious face.


In the middle of all the ruckus on the field, I find an empty space on a bench not to far away from where I am standing. 

“Hello”  I greet hurriedly. “Is this space taken?” I ask pointing at the empty space beside him

Of course I knew it wasn’t taken, who keeps bench space anymore.

“Oh no it’s not”. said the dark skinned looking guy

My goodness was he a charm and a sight to behold. I guess I made a lucky pick


Due to the humid and hot air experienced in my country, ice hockey would be a terrible disaster to start with hence field hockey was embraced. I couldn’t be happier for field hockey at that moment as it would be an embarrassment to see bunch of adolescents making a scene while trying to understand how the ice rink work. It would actually be an hilarious sight.


The sun showed no mercy (just as I presumed) as it showed us its mighty powers using its rays. The organisers had made sure bottles of water were free and my bench-mate sure knew how to keep himself hydrated as he was on his third bottle. However, free things in my country don’t last too long.


“Sorry to bother you ” started my bench-mate guy friend, “but do you mind giving me some water. I see you have two bottles in your bag.”

Bottle number 4. As suspected.

“Sure not a problem” I said, handing him a bottle of water.


He drank it all in a gulp. Wow, bench-mate guy friend must have really been thirsty. I took my eyes away from his gorgeous self and focus on the chaotic field game they called hockey. I was totally uninterested but my bench-mate guy friend made it totally worth it.


A sudden movement caught my side eye  as I noticed that bench-mate guy friend had gotten up from his seat and was moving hurriedly to the bathroom I presume.

Right on schedule. I glanced at my watch. 2:15PM


I got up from the bench, slung my bag over my shoulder and followed the exact path bench-mate guy friend took earlier which (as I presumed) ended up at the mens.

I could hear his groans from the entrance and I knew my plan was in order. Quietly, I made my way into the mens locking the door carefully behind me. It was obvious the other toilet stalls were empty as their doors were left ajar.


My black duffle bag containing the necessary tools required in completing my job was hiding in a locked cabinet beneath the wash basin. Yes my job; how else do you think I come up with stories to publish? and how do you think I make all that money to live the fancy lifestyle? Yes you got that right.


I heard a flush and I knew it was time. I had 30 minutes.



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November 13, 2018

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