REVIEW 017: Silent Lies by Kathryn Croft (AudioBook)

March 7, 2018


37 chapters

9 hours 38 mins reading time

Narrated by Antonia Beamish and Rosie Jones

Played on Audible


“Five years rebuilding your life. Five words will destroy it again"


I liked the book because of the narrator as I have come to love Antonia Beamish for some reason which I cannot bring myself to state as I do not know. 

Silent Lies....honestly I was excited about the book and was so eager to know if Allison was mentally unstable, did something and forgot..but getting closer to the end I realised that Kathryn literally took my brain on a ride. Nice one!

I think if I had read the book, I would have taken it off my shelf and placed it at the bottom of my pile. Why? please keep reading




Kathryn took the word lying to a whole new level as she made sure Mia was pretty much good in her job. The plot twist was nice and very well planned. However, I did not like the way it ended; I mean c'mon you don't leave your readers hanging and I felt that ending was quite cliche


Audio Review

This is my second audio book and I had to get a book with Antonia Beamish has the narrator. Again, I strongly believe that it is her British accent as I fell in love with Rosie Jones also. I need to listen to American book.

Loved both of them. My previous audible review comment still stands:

Antonia Beamish and Rosie Jones definitely got me hooked on this one as they both brought life into the book with her British accent. They added a bit of flair to each character and – the best part – she spoke their expressions. In my head, I could totally imagine what each character was doing, how they were talking, the expressions on their faces, their reactions to everything; utterly amazing.

Not to put too much air in Antonia’s and Rosie's balloon, as this is my second audio-book, I have to give both of them 4.5 stars for bringing life into the book and putting breath into my imagination.



My favorite character was Josy. She was a definition of a strong woman who was broken and found herself loving the wrong person


Have you read this book?


In conclusion, Silent Lies (not the narrator) gets



NOTE: Spongebob verdicts are strictly my opinion; click here to understand their meaning

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November 13, 2018

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