REVIEW 015: The GirlFriend by Michelle Frances (AudioBook)

January 20, 2018


52 chapters

12 hours 24 mins reading time

Narrated by Antonia Beamish

Played on Audible


“A girl. A boy. His mother. And the lie she'll wish she'd never told"


I liked the book because of the narrator. I think if I had read the book itself I would not have liked it but just finished it because I had to. The ending was seen from afar. While reading I was hoping that Cherry would win and live happily ever after because I had already known what would happen at the end. Maybe a bit of twist would have made the book a lot nicer though

Michelle did a good job in descriptions though because as the narrator read on it was so easy to imagine. And I loved that very much.



I don’t agree that this book was a psychological thriller as the excerpt had said rather it should be a domestic drama because it was drama packed. There wasn’t any twist in the book as expected because it was a drama.

The story line however was relateable to the real world which I found impressive.


Audio Review

This is my first audio-book and I did a random selection while picking the book irrespective of the narrator. Antonia Beamish definitely got me hooked on this one as she brought life into the book with her British accent. She added a bit of flair to each character and – the best part – she spoke their expressions. In my head, I could totally imagine what each character was doing, how they were talking, the expressions on their faces, their reactions to everything; utterly amazing.

Not to put too much air in Antonia’s balloon, as this is my first audio-book, I have to give her 4.5 stars for bringing life into the book and putting breath into my imagination.



My favorite character was no one. I mean I liked Daniel because he was some rich well behaved folk but he was just too deeply in love. Cherry was way over her head but a devious demon. She could pass for a Yoruba demon. Laura was an ironical character – possessive in a good and bad way but I had nothing but pity for a wealthy sad lady


Have you read this book?


In conclusion, The Girlfriend (not the narrator) gets



NOTE: Spongebob verdicts are strictly my opinion; click here to understand their meaning

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November 13, 2018

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