December 15, 2017



“And I just got started”

This was the last thing I heard at the party before my world came crashing down because the next minute I was on a stroller hearing a chatter of voices above me

“She is awake”
“I just saw her eyes stir”

I heard voices. Voices of which I did not have a clue who owned them but all the while I was aware of one thing; something was not right

The doctors told me I was unconscious when I was brought into the general hospital last Friday and that is all they have told me till now. A whole one week has passed and no one has told me what happened to me on the 8th of Friday.

“What happened to me?” I asked any nurse who came into my ward and the only response I got was no response.

Something is definitely wrong and I can feel it in my bones. Or again maybe I am just paranoid


Jude came to see me yesterday. Actually he has been here all week based on his conversation with me and also based on the validations I got from the female nurses who eyed Jude and reeked of jealousy whenever Jude leaned in to kiss me.


Jude has been an amazing person to me so far and honestly I won’t trade him for anything. I couldn’t imagine that one time in my life (early this year) I actually thought I wasn’t good enough for anybody but as at today, Jude definitely proved me wrong


I have decided to keep my paranoia thoughts and focus on Jude and the love he has for me right now. Jude says I am paranoid and paranoid people go to the psych ward and I am definitely not going to the psych ward. NOPE


Jude is sitting at the edge of my bed, click clacking away on his phone and rubbing my legs at the same time. No more worry about scary text messages and weird phone calls. My life is perfect.


Friday, 15th May 2009

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November 13, 2018

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