Mindless Irony

December 7, 2017


I woke up today thinking of the life I was given and the body I reside in


Intoxicated with valium and drowned in alcohol, I have dreamt of the worst and beyond; looking at my reflection with a wink and thinking of the madness dwelling on the other side


Is it true that there is only one of me on earth because at this very moment I think there is somebody that looks like me; walks the earth acting like me; impersonating myself because there are some things that I do or some things that I find myself doing that I cannot believe I did. I mean I wake up every morning thinking that it is wasn't me yesterday but deep down I knew I acted on the thoughts that came across my mind.


Am I supposed to ponder on the things I’ve done or am I supposed to act like everything is normal or just wonder about the powers of the mind and how it affect the things I do?


Everyone seems to speak about things they know nothing about ignoring the things they should know. They want to act like know-it-all when it is not possible to effectively and accurately know it all. So when they speak, their words come out like tales from beyond. Many times, I fall into this category which is also similar to finding myself dreaming of the things I want to happen but acting on the things I do not wish to happen


I call this a typical case of irony 


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November 13, 2018

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