THE OUTSIDER - Writing Prompt #3

December 5, 2017

Years had passed and today would mark the day which my purpose on earth would be eventually brought to reality. All this while, I had been in the shadows watching my sisters and brothers reap the benefits of being called an “outsider” by visiting what we tagged “the other side”. But today, it was my turn to show the Queen how ready I was to present the earth what we were capable of


The “Outsiders” were a community who believed that each individual carried a gift which gave them the power to visit the other side - the land of the dead. It was believed that this other side had answers to things that had not happened; we believed that the future of our world could be determined by visiting and spending time with the dead as it was said that the dead could see what our eyes couldn't see.


The regular people - regular was the what we called the non outsiders - realised how insane we were and banned us from the city so Outsiders lived outside the city gates in the most unsuitable conditions but we learnt how to survive. For years, or since when I could remember, we had planned how to take over the city and today our answer had come. One person named Craller had attached his soul to an outsider on his visit to the other side and crossed over to our world. So we worshipped him because he came with a message. “All you have to do is let one person touch you”. This is what I was told and I would be awarded hero of the month.


Sneaking into the city was very easy as due to my smallish stature was easy to manoeuvre my way in between the bars on the city gates. I got suspicious looks as I walked on the street to the biggest supermarket erected in the centre of the city. I was wearing a balaclava so all that anyone could see were the evil that glistened in my eyes.


The supermarket was packed with regular people swarming each corner of the store like pack of bees looking for honey without no idea of the darkness that was about to befall them. Today they would see the light in a different reality. I entered the store through the revolving door located at the east wing and stood few inches away blocking the entrance and exit with my presence.


“You need to move over, little boy” said a concerned customer who thought I was lost because he tapped my shoulder and gave me the concerned look.


The chain of disappearances happened within seconds as it spread across the supermarket like an infectious disease released into the supermarkets ventilation system. It was a sight to behold. All I had to do was let someone touch me, an outsider



Did you enjoy the story based on the prompt? Do criticize in the comment section.


Thank you 



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November 13, 2018

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