SISTER SISTER! - Writing Prompt #2

November 22, 2017

The nights in Ibule town are usually clear, cold and chilly but tonight seemed extremely different. The air stood still and the winds moved dryly across the town. The usual noisy streets lacked activities with people walking like brainless remote controlled beings

“You!!” the dry winds hissed over my face carrying sands from the ground


I had lived under a rickety abandoned over-head bridge for four months because someone decided to take what was mine and I did not have the courage to take it back. I was scorned and dejected, kicked and thrown out to be consumed by what was called the DJINN. The Djinn was a merciless  faceless demon clothed in black and wielded a sharp sickle which was used to sever the head of the casted and unwanted and only that who was unwanted could see it.


But tonight, everything was about to change; for me, for the Ibule people and for her - my sister. I was going to take back everything. The torturous four months of seeking refuge and comfort from the forest away from death had shown me the evil that slept within. All this time, I thought evil was learnt rather I came to realize it was locked and asleep from deep within the soul of a person. 


Walking through the streets of Ibule with my tattered ragged baggy overall and dirty feet, I felt the cold stares of the people piercing through my skin. I cracked a smile showing my rusty brown teeth to the few people who decided to catch my gaze. Tonight was going to be different. I knew where she would be on nights like this; she would be making conversation with the people on the streets with her husband - MY HUSBAND - by her side, throwing fake smiles to whoever was willing to catch it and throwing money to whoever was able to collect it.


“Sister!” I screamed through my teeth as I was two mud houses away from her.


Dark clouds had begun to form over my head alone and winds started to taste bitter. He was here. The Djinn had found me and was ready to take my life. I could feel the stale wind in my mouth and I knew my time was ending soon but not without her.


My sister left her husband and walked towards me with that smile she had on when she took what was mine and left me to rot.

“I’m not sure why you are alive but today you will die”. She held my chin up so I could have a view of the death that awaited me in the sky and around me. He was here. I could hear the sound of the metal sickle dragging across the grounds towards me.

“Can you hear that sister?” said my sister with disgust whilst pushing me away towards the direction of the Djinn, “Death has come for you”

Perfect. The moment I had prepared my soul for. I dropped to my knees while I awaited my death. My sister had gone back to her husband who placed his hand around her waist and watched the scene that was being played in the center square.

“Mashika mumilek sanda” I whispered very low that only myself could hear the incantations recited.

I felt the cold metal on my neck placed by the Djinn, ready to consume my soul and splatter my blood on the streets of Ibule.

“Mashika mumilek sanda” I shouted


Faintly, I heard the gasps emanating from the crowd as my head rolled away from my kneeling body. I cracked a smile with whatever was left in my head and closed my eyes to embrace the new life given to me.

Then I felt it. His warm hands around my waist and the heat oozing from his embrace. I had missed him so much and now he was with me. I opened my eyes and inhaled the fresh winds that blew after the death of the unwanted.

Sister stole my husband. Now I have her body.



Did you enjoy the story based on the prompt? Do criticize in the comment section.


Thank you 



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November 13, 2018

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