November 17, 2017

Stuck in an abandoned hut in the middle of nowhere with limited supplies to take us through the night, Kemi and I realized that death might be lurking nearby. We gathered everything that we could possibly find in guarding the door but the heavy bangs pounding from the other side made us know that the door won’t hold for long.
Adrenaline rushing through my spine and my survival instincts kicking and thinking at the speed of light but nothing comes to my mind.
“We are really screwed”
I glance at Kemi and I see fear written all over her face. Then she falls to the floor and starts whimpering “This is all your fault Omo. I told you that this was a bad idea”

I have to agree with Kemi, this situation was totally my doing and we could have been home looking for butterflies that were buried within our imagination. Two hours ago, I was on my bed in my parents cottage reading “Immersions by Tinuke Waldorf” when I heard a loud bang coming from outside my window. As curious as I am, I jump out of bed and run towards my window to catch a glimpse of whatever the bang was all about. Sadly and fortunately for me, I see a trail of smoke coming from far across the field.
My first instinct is to ignore. Still peering through my window, I shrug my shoulders and decide to crawl back in bed to continue my thriller series. Then I wonder, “what if it’s a fire and someone needs my help”.
Damn right!. I might as well go and I will drag my cousin Kemi along with me.

Kemi is downstairs doing the dishes which she hates with a passion so convincing her to explore the woods and find the smoke is pretty easy.

“Race you” I say to Kemi which technically was cheating as I had given her a head start.
“So unfair” I hear Kemi say with her tiny voice trailing behind me.

With excitement we run towards the smoke and after what it seems like 15 minutes we get to our destination and switch to a jog.
“This looks really weird Omo” Kemi looks around the burnt ground concerned and scared “I think this is a really bad idea”
“Oh please! When last did we have anything fun while staying with mom in that rickety cottage?”
The ground should be filled with green grass rather it is all burnt and the smell oozing from the ground is terrible.
Kemi and I already have our nose covered as we carefully observe the ground and try to make sense of what would have happened. That’s when we hear the noise.
“Omo I thi....” Kemi starts to say but I stop her halfway
“Did you hear that?”
“Hear what?” Kemi turn around in attempt to find out what exactly I was talking about
“Oh my God!!!”
“What?” I ask.
No answer from Kemi
Then I follow Kemi’s gaze and that’s when I see it or rather see them.

Green lizard like creatures with gooey and slimy substances oozing from their skin emerge from the shadows.  These lizard-like creatures had many tentacle arms with each finger like that of a frog – webbed fingers and webbed toes and big white eyes with a slight yellow outline. They were aliens and I was very sure they were not here to play.

Kemi and I had our feet literally glued to the ground as we were stunned and shocked at the sight of these creatures.

“Aliens” whispered Kemi in excitement “Mama told me they would come someday”

I give Kemi the what-do-you-know-about-aliens look but she is too awed by the sight of these horrible looking creatures called aliens to notice.

There is about 5 feet of bare ground separating Kemi and I from these creatures. This is the best time to run away and get some help but some reason I throw the thought out of my head and keep staring at these creatures. I hadn’t noticed Kemi slipping away from my side as I saw her a foot away from the alien

“Kemi, this is a bad idea” I scream and run towards her.

The tentacle arms start to move towards Kemi to grab her assume and maybe turn her into one of them or eat her or worse. In time, I grab Kemi’s hand and drag her away, snapping her out of her trance as one of webbed fingers were closing in on her. Then we start to run


We are being chased by the aliens. The skittering sounds of their tentacle arms dragging across the field send chills down my spine as we race deeper into the woods blindly.

I see an abandoned cottage sitting in the middle of the woods; “There.” I point towards the cottage while running and lead Kemi through the cottages old rickety doors.
“Quick cover all the windows with anything you can find and let’s seal the doors”.

And here we are stuck in a cottage in the middle of nowhere.
Kemi says in between her whimpers “what do we do now?”
“We wait.” I say sternly, trying not to sound scared. “Aliens are among us, but they are not what we expected so we need to be prepared”
“How exactly do you mean?”
“I am not sure Kemi” I look at the door, hoping it will hold the creatures that lurk at the other side. Hopefully, if we remain quiet they will leave the house alone and search for us elsewhere but for now we can only wait. “But there’s only one way to find out”.



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Thank you 



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November 13, 2018

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