REVIEW 013: Naked by Ese Ark

November 15, 2017


167 pages


“People pleasing was my way of trying to stay on everybody's good side. I felt I needed the people I cared about to validate me. I also felt I needed people who didn't know anything about me to validate me. I didn't know I could validate myself, that I could check my own boxes and live on my own terms'"


About the book 

NAKED is a powerful narrative about awakening and self-awareness. The author uses personal experiences with religion, shame, mental health, fear, romantic relationships and death to explore her journey from sleepwalking to awakening

She calls it her journey to self because until 29 she was living in a haze, tumbling through life unaware of the lessons in her experiences. Our culture of shame stops people from learning from personal experiences and enabling deeper connections that can change their lives.


NAKED will challenge you to face your biggest fears and create a life you deserve

"I took time off everything and focused on me. I embarked on a journey to self. I wanted to know Ese, what she liked, who she was, and why she existed on the earth.

Getting to know myself meant accepting myself fully - flaws and all. By accepting myself fully, I was able to accept others too."



NAKED is a memoir written by Ese Ark and to be honest, I am not sure what to feel or actually write about this book. This is actually my first memoir book and it is short, apt and straight to the point.

Reading this book, it is very obvious that Ese reads a lot and also writes because she made mention of couple books she picked up in her journey through life; her journey to discovering her self.


The catch about NAKED is the fact that I could literally feel her pain, her laughter, her hurt, her journey; I could feel all of these emotions just by reading her words, Now that's really amazing. 


And the flow from chapter to chapter hit the nail directly on the head. It was like a genesis to revelation kind of thing; start from the beginning, the norm, then move on to shame, depression, regret, pain ; then on to unbelief, religion, motherhood, growth; then on to the end and death.


I think this book for Ese was not about if it sold or if she made money out of it; it was more about freeing herself and her soul from whatever thing it was bounded to and experiencing that inner peace within


Have you read this book?


In conclusion, NAKED gets



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November 13, 2018

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