A Lady of Many Tales - #007

November 13, 2017


I haven't been feeling 100! For some reason, these past few weeks have drained every blood out of me. Ever since I saw Pup staring at me with those eyes, everything has been different and for some reason everyone thinks I am the one who is acting weird.

The problem is that I can see it but they can't


I had a dream four nights ago. Or was I just sleeping? In my dream, it was pitch black. That's all the dream was. Weird right? But I was pretty sure I was dreaming. Then I started to scream within the dream and in the real world because Jude was by my side shaking the living daylight out of me "WAKE UP ASH!"

I woke up with sweat dripping from every corner of my body. I looked at Jude and I could read 'fear' and 'concern' written all over his face.

He started to speak but I did not want to hear. Not now. 


I stood up and walked to the bathroom to clean up. Before I shut the bathroom door, I heard Jude say "Do you want me to come?". No. I muttered to myself, shut the door and locked it. 

Something is wrong with me. I can feel it. But then I can't feel it.


Staring at myself in the mirror and it seems my reflection is not mine. For a second, I think I am loosing my mind and then I am not loosing my mind. This reflection is not mine. I bend forward to take a closer look into my reflections eyes. Deep brown. dancing pupils. It seems normal until my reflection winks.


I must be out of my mind. In fact I am out of mind. I am still trying to fathom what just happened when i feel a buzz in my pajamas pocket. Apparently, my phone had been in there all this while - I wasn't even aware. I hear the buzz again. Slowly, I take out the phone from my pocket and stare in horror at the message on my phone screen.


"You have enjoyed. Now you pay"


Friday, 1st May 2009

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November 13, 2018

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