A Lady of Many Tales - Introduction

September 19, 2017


If your life was a book, what would you call the title?


Mine would be A Lady of Many Tales. I think it is because I am a story teller and I am pretty sure my future kids are going to have to do a lot of listening (LOL)


So I have decided to write short stories or rather a book in short stories. I am not so sure how it would work but I really hope there are people out there that are willing to read and follow these BOOK OF SHORT STORIES with me.


I plan to make it a mix of everything i.e. love, lust, pain, depression, faith, hurt, anger and happiness.


These stories will be posted every Friday and I am really excited about this journey. I hope you enjoy them too.


When memories are written down

thoughts are penciled

ideas are jotted

Pain and Sorrow are poured out

I feel better

and it works every time

(Olayinka 2009)



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November 13, 2018

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