September 9, 2017



For any Bibliophile, the struggle between working (in Lagos especially) and reading books is REAL.

I get questioned every time, “OLAYINKA, where do you find time to read books?” …” How do you read; you are too busy?”


Here are few tricks I use to balance out my work life and book life


Chapter before bed

Personally, this can be really hard especially when you have long working hours and endless traffic jams. At this point the only thing on your mind is SLEEP. But guess what; If you can stay up an hour to watch your favorite TV show, why not a chapter. #Justsaying



Yes, GYM. Actually to be more specific, elliptical machines are the best for this reading strategy (PLEASE, NO TREADMILL). Preferably use an e-reader or an iPad or any tablet with the book you want to read for the purpose of reading at the gym.

However, the downside here is that distraction is imminent (I mean it is a public gym) except you own your personal gym and slow reading is probable.

As for me, when I am on the elliptical, I have my noise-block headphones, my kindle, and the machine on which I am doing my workout (Talk about multi-tasking)


While waiting

I am ALWAYS with a book. Hard copy. Soft Copy. As long as it is a book and it can fit into my bag, I am definitely carrying it. So while waiting for my friends to get dressed, or waiting for food, or waiting on a long queue; why not grab a book and read away.


Work Lunch Breaks

This also might not be the most convenient place or time to read a book but it is still a time to read a chapter or couple pages. Not every time chat or gossip with colleagues; there are actually some times that we have lunch by ourselves. So drop that phone which has Instagram opened and dive into a chapter


On the Road

This is ONLY applicable to people who have drivers; I am not trying to get anyone killed. So if you have a driver this is a NO BRAINER. #enoughsaid


Lone Meal

This means having meal alone in the comfort of your house. It might not be applicable to everyone because I know there are some people who prefer watching TV while eating. If you disagree with this point, then I have to conclude that you have never read book that left you like “NO WAY I JUST HAVE TO KNOW”. #myopinion


In conclusion, there is always time; you just have to either find it or make it. Simple



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November 13, 2018

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