REVIEW 008: LIES by T.M. Morgan

August 8, 2017

418 pages



What if your whole life was based on lies? Deep catchy expression; which was one of the reasons why I selected this book for my TBR for July.

I really liked this book and from the very beginning I knew I would not be able to drop the book. From my previous reviews, you would know that I am a girl who always wants to know. SO yeah, I couldn’t drop this book because I wanted to know. T.M. Logan is on my favorite author honors list.



I am a big fan of less outrageous words in books as it can be really annoying visiting the dictionary every now and then. T.M. Logan killed this book I have to tell you. It was easy to relate with. I mean this could easily be someone’s life. That moment when you wish you could change what you saw; what you heard; what you thought and the decision you made.



Would I be telling you that it was hard to drop the book if the plot twist wasn't twisted? Yeah, I am sure you get the point.



Joe Lynch was the main character in the book LIES, however, I was not so happy with how T.M. Logan painted him though. Joe was a naïve and a little (or more) too trusting but again realistically most human beings tend to be like this especially in situations where love in involved. So many times, I wish I could enter the book and give Joe a dirty slap and tell him “Act like a man bruh!” Oh well!

He was not my favorite character though, Ben's wife was! She played the supportive wife really well. My least favorite character was Joe’s wife. I don’t know, I just couldn’t relate with her. *shrugs*


In conclusion, LIES gets 


NOTE: Spongebob verdicts are strictly my opinion; click here to understand their meaning


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November 13, 2018

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