REVIEW 007: THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 by Ruth Ware

August 1, 2017

340 pages



This book started off slow paced and I felt myself drifting in and out of sleep; I mean I wasn’t really excited about the start but I decided to continue reading it. I actually though Lo was a drunkard without a purpose in life (LOL)

However, Ruth noticed my boredom and kicked it up a notch when only Lo witnesses a woman being thrown overboard and everyone thinks she is crazy. I thought she was crazy myself.

My first thought upon getting to the interesting part “Baby girl Lo, please leave it alone and enjoy your cruise.” But we all know that it is called fiction for a reason



I enjoyed Ruth’s writing style. I loved her apt description of scenes. My imagination went wild in building the cruise ship, creating the different characters and their behaviors, appreciating the cabins and their distinct names; in fact I was elated. I believe Ruth did her homework properly.

I guess the slow-paced build up was actually worth it



I actually was confused when I read the end in the beginning of the first part of the book. (Sorry no spoilers here). I was confused and a bit intrigued. I wasn’t sure what to believe and that was the main catch as it kept me going on. I just needed to understand

I remember being on a flight back from South Africa; the plane was getting ready for landing and the lights in the cabin had been dimmed; and there I was, struggling and straining my eyes to know what happened to the crazy Lo.

The end of the book caught me; One chapter my heart was racing, the next chapter I was scared; the next chapter I was safe; and the next happy; and then the cycle continued. Damn Ruth!



Honestly speaking, due to my boredom in the first couple pages, I did not take note of any character. I actually got lost in them. Unfortunately for me.


In conclusion, TWIC10 gets 


NOTE: Spongebob verdicts are strictly my opinion; click here to understand their meaning


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November 13, 2018

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