August 8, 2017

418 pages


What if your whole life was based on lies? Deep catchy expression; which was one of the reasons why I selected this book for my TBR for July.

I really liked this book and from the very beginning I knew I would not be able to drop the book. From my previous reviews, you would know that...

August 1, 2017

340 pages


This book started off slow paced and I felt myself drifting in and out of sleep; I mean I wasn’t really excited about the start but I decided to continue reading it. I actually though Lo was a drunkard without a purpose in life (LOL)

However, Ruth noticed my boredom and kicked it up a...

July 16, 2017

98 pages

Overall Rating: 3.5 stars


Before I started this book, I actually assumed it would be a novel/story on the educational system of Nigeria so I was looking forward to start the book. However, I was a tad bit disappointed at the first chapter as I struggled between the determination of the...

July 12, 2017

49 pages

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

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Chimamanda Adichie is known to be a proclaimed feminist and a strong believer in female rights. If you have heard the song Flawless by Beyoncé then you know Chimamanda.

Personally I won’t call this a book but an essay on how we...