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Be a critic by criticizing my short stories 

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August 22, 2018

He has been writhing in pain since the masseur’s hands left his body. He had resigned to his fate of at least a week of intensive recovery therapy. The elbow joints were swollen and inflamed. He found it difficult to raise his hands, even just above his shoulders. His fears of a fracture, however had been allayed by a quick scan conducted by the medical team of his rescuers, the Public Bureau. He got the help of the rescuers b...

August 22, 2018

Dunni!! "No new stories?" " why do you use the same old pattern in your reports?" "Do you no longer want to work here?"
Was all i heard from my editor last week. I honestly wished the ground could open up and swallow me but well, that never happens. Why can't i just get paid for trying out new food or testing mattresses and beds at a furniture store?
I had bitterly complained about having to report health news since i was tran...

August 22, 2018

I am finding it extremely hard to step out of my car. From the moment I drive onto Isaac John Street, my heart rate has gradually increased. Now that I have parked my car in the garage of our reunion venue, Radisson Blu Hotel. My heart is drumming a furious and intense beat.

I am here.

I haven't seen any of my secondary school classmates ever since our graduation in the year 2010. It wasn't intentional, but I did not want to rem...

August 20, 2018

The game of hockey wasn’t really my thing or rather our thing in this part of the earth as it was related to people from the Western section. Not withstanding, my alma matter known as The Academy of the Great decided to imitate this Western culture and commence their very own hockey game with a twist. A twist here meaning that it would be a game with both sexes as we are currently in the feminist era on equality amongst sexes...

January 18, 2018

Depression according to google is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. It is quite sad that in this part of the world, depression is taken mildly seriously. In fact, most people would tell you to look up to the heavens as that is where the answer lay. I am not writing this article to condemn spirituality but to also shed more light on the physical effects...

January 15, 2018

Surrounded by people who had nothing but hatred toward me, I felt like an island in the midst of a crowd. The isolation I had created from my family and friends made it convenient for the hate to sip through from everyone as I had no one to run too. A young chap like me standing at the edge of the bridge waiting for the right time to suck in my last breath and plunge into the deep waters beneath the bridge. I could already ima...

December 11, 2017

The question I ask myself every time is how someone can be filled with so much hate and at the same time pretend to be a full of meekness and humility. The irony baffles me and makes me wonder the extent at which humans are truthful liars. I have come to understand that the world that we live in is filled with oxymoron people both existing and non-existent

I regarded Poppy as a vey good friend. In fact I regarded her as the bes...

December 5, 2017

Years had passed and today would mark the day which my purpose on earth would be eventually brought to reality. All this while, I had been in the shadows watching my sisters and brothers reap the benefits of being called an “outsider” by visiting what we tagged “the other side”. But today, it was my turn to show the Queen how ready I was to present the earth what we were capable of

The “Outsiders” were a community who believed...

November 22, 2017

The nights in Ibule town are usually clear, cold and chilly but tonight seemed extremely different. The air stood still and the winds moved dryly across the town. The usual noisy streets lacked activities with people walking like brainless remote controlled beings

“You!!” the dry winds hissed over my face carrying sands from the ground

I had lived under a rickety abandoned over-head bridge for four months because someone decided...

November 17, 2017

Stuck in an abandoned hut in the middle of nowhere with limited supplies to take us through the night, Kemi and I realized that death might be lurking nearby. We gathered everything that we could possibly find in guarding the door but the heavy bangs pounding from the other side made us know that the door won’t hold for long.
Adrenaline rushing through my spine and my survival instincts kicking and thinking at the speed of lig...

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